Friday, October 1, 2010


The term globalization, first used by Theodore Levitt in 1985 which refers to the political-economic, political, particularly free trade and financial transactions. Historically, the roots of globalization is the emergence of the electronic revolution and the disintegration of communist countries. Electronic revolution double acceleration of communication, transportation, production, and information. Disintegration of the communist countries that ended the Cold War allowed Western capitalism to be the only force that assume global hegemony. That is why in the field of trade and economic ideology, globalization is often referred to as the Decolonization (Oommen), recolonisation (Oliver, Balasuriya, Chandran), Neo-Capitalism (Menon), Neo-Liberalism (Ramakrishnan). Instead Sada called globalization as the existence of the Euro-American capitalism in the Third World.
In very simple to say that globalization is seen when all the people in the world are wearing Levis and Reeboks, eat McDonalds, drink Coca-Cola. More essential, globalization appears in the form of Global Capitalism berimplementasi through the IMF, World Bank, and WTO; world institutions that recently got a very sharp criticism of Dennis Kucinich, candidate for President of the United States from the Democratic Party, as these institutions It reflects the global injustice.
The programs of these institutions has become a powerful tool of Western capitalism that shake, shed and destroyed not only the economy but the lives of poor countries in an unbalanced form of the game between lender giant with landless laborers. Helpless little people in poor countries, became increasingly worse and miserable.
So although there are positive effects of globalization such as the presence of communication and information networks that facilitate the life of humanity, from the point of interests of the poor, globalization is more negative impact. We see the negative aspects of inequality of trade between nations, the accumulation of wealth and power in the hands of the capitalist developed countries resulting in unimaginable squalor in poor countries, including Indonesia. According to Kucinich, poorer countries have been extorted by payment of the debt burden to a global institution. Exemplified, every year 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in funds flow from sub-Saharan African countries to international lenders, while 40 million citizens of their malnutrition.

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